Dawn ColeOur nation is in one of the greatest battles in her existence. We have survived the revolution, the civil war and other world conflicts over the years. Each one has demonstrated the strength of commitment to a cause and the innate desire for freedom. This not a commentary on the pros and cons of war, but we are currently engaged in one whether we want to be or not. You and I were put on the planet for such a time as this, because you and I have the opportunity to win another battle for freedom.

In 1990 a man named Luis Bush began a movement to pray for the 10/40 window. This is the area of the world that is known to great socioeconomic challenges and the least amount of Christian influence. There are more distinctly non-christian religions that are practiced in that part of the globe than in any other. So, that region became the emphasis of much of the prayer going up for the nations. There was a hunger and a passion to see the manifest presence of God come and transform those people and lead them out of darkness and into light; to bring them out of bondage and into freedom.

After twenty five years of focused, intentional prayer the stories of God’s amazing power being demonstrated are beginning to surface. There have been many reports of Jesus showing up to people in dreams and them being converted to Christianity because of those encounters. Believers who are in those countries have stood at the door of the Mosque and asked those going in this question, “Have you seen the man in white?” If they say “yes” a followup conversation is had to tell them who He is – He is Jesus. The power of prayer is being seen before our very eyes. God is answering the cry of sincere believers who are not satisfied to keep the goodness and freedom of God to themselves, but long for it to be the experience of people everywhere.

Praying for the 10/40 window is a great thing to do. Let’s keep that up! But, may I suggest to you that we need to add a new window to our prayer. The great news about God is that He can have multiple windows open at the same time and He has enough resources to be working in all of them at the same time. This new window is the 25/50 window. The contiguous United States falls between the 25th and 50th parallel. Isn’t that interesting. Five is the number of grace and we are living in Graceland.

Let’s pick up a new mandate, the Grace Window mandate. Grace changes things that cannot be changed any other way. Our nation is in desperate need of some amazing grace! Contrary to popular opinion, even among the church, our best days are not behind us, they are before us. We have the opportunity to be a part of a new revolution, this one not fought with traditional ammunition, but rather waged through prayer and declaration. It is our partnership with the heart of God to bring freedom to the one nation on earth that represents freedom, but doesn’t live in it. I am not talking about policies or regulations, I am talking about people who are looking for their true identity, authentic relationship and purpose in life. We have a nation full of people who have lost their ability to be free because our culture screams and perpetuates life choices that at face value seem to lead to freedom, but in reality they lead to a prison of misery.

You and I have an amazing opportunity. We get to be the ambassadors of freedom in the Grace Window. Let’s take the challenge to begin to pray for our nation with a renewed fervor and passion. God has not given up on us, we are not headed for judgement and the west coast isn’t falling into the ocean anytime soon. On the contrary He is getting ready to set our nation on fire with a new understanding of who He really is, a good God in a good mood. His agenda is to spread across this country from north to south and east to west with a message of hope and freedom. The enemy thinks he is winning this battle, and on the surface it may appear to be so, but don’t be fooled by what you see, let God open your eyes to the revelation that there are more with us than with him. You know that satan only took one third of the angels with him when he got thrown out of heaven. That means that we already have a two to one advantage and if that is good enough we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on our side, last time I checked they have an undefeated record. We are in a battle that we have already won!

I have been challenged by the Lord to begin to pray for my nation, the one in the Grace Window, with a new intentionality. I am not satisfied to just sit back and leave this problem to the next generation. We are right now fighting against and living with the things the last generation didn’t have the spiritual courage to stand up against. Let’s not do that to the next generation. Let’s become the David’s who look Goliath’s in the eye and say who do you think you are? You have met your match. We have a prophetic declaration from God Himself that the Glory of the Lord is covering the earth, the Sons of God are being raised up to demonstrate His Kingdom, and that the greatest harvest of all time is yet to come. That means only one of us is going to die in this fight – and it isn’t going to be us. Our sons and daughters can live in the peace and prosperity that was characteristic of Solomon. It was in that time that creativity flourished and the face of the earth was changed forever.

Praying for the Grace Window is all about legacy. Let’s leave the planet better than when we got here. Just think if we take this challenge as seriously and diligently as we did the 10/40 window in twenty five years our nation will be unrecognizable. On earth as it is in heaven – Pray for the 25/50 window, the Grace Window!